E.ON UK Press Releases - May 2015

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With many holidaymakers leaving their homes for the half term break, new figures from E.ON1 suggest that many could be using more energy than they need by leaving appliances switched on while they’re away.

Digital tools give customers better control over home energy use More than one million customers have now signed up for E.ON’s Saving Energy Toolkit, an online tool launched with Opower (NYSE:OPWR), the leader in cloud-based software for the utility industry.

By switching to Smart Pay As You Go, E.ON's prepayment meter customers are for the first time offered the same prices as Direct Debit customers [1] Smart Pay As You Go pilot means E.ON has become the first of the larger suppliers [2] to offer prepayment

A partnership between E.ON and the UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB) means the project, 13km off the Sussex coast, will now enter construction; Construction could power around 350 to 450 jobs during the main building phase; The completed wind farm could

Focus remains on controlling costs and service improvements E.ON has today (THURS) announced details of its interim financial performance for January to March 2015. Following a 3.5% decrease in its standard gas prices in January, E.ON has reported a fall