E.ON UK Press Releases - September 2012

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Footage New video footage has been released today marking the end of construction of E.ON's £3 million energy centre serving Exeter's new Skypark and Cranbrook developments. The 30,000 sq ft building, the first of its kind in the South West, is being

75 innovative smart homes tested in Milton Keynes over the last year Over three-quarters of homes have changed their attitude towards energy through participation Minute-by-minute information significantly changes understanding of how energy is used in

E.ON has today (MON) announced it is expanding its customer service provision through social media channels. Six customer service colleagues will now support customers through Twitter, Facebook and other online forums on a full time basis. E.ON has answered

E.ON has released new research providing insight into Brits’ bathing habits, revealing people in the UK spend almost two billion shower-hours1 and over one billion hours relaxing in the bath4 each year. Carried out amongst 10,000 UK adults2, the research showed people could save over £300 million a year on their water heating costs by shaving just two minutes off each shower3.

Only one in 10 employees acknowledge workplace energy efficiency as their role CEOs accept most personal responsibility for energy saving, but take least action More than half of SMEs have no guidelines on energy efficiency Small and medium-sized businesses