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14 October 2009 10:04
E.ON calls for peaceful protest at Ratcliffe power station

E.ON has called for a peaceful protest at Ratcliffe power station this weekend, condemning a Camp for Climate Action film depicting scenes of activists tearing down fencing and wielding sledgehammers and bolt cutters.

Ray Smith, Plant Manager at Ratcliffe, said: "We've always been respectful of people's right to protest safely and lawfully but the footage shown on this website is clearly neither of those things and is encouraging protesters to be hugely irresponsible.

"Anyone looking to break into Ratcliffe this weekend is placing themselves and our staff in very real danger and we'd urge them to think very carefully about their actions.

"If you don't know what you're doing, power stations can be very dangerous places - they're not adventure playgrounds."

The footage, which can be viewed at http://www.thegreatclimateswoop.org/, calls for supporters to join the protest to ‘shutdown Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station' and shows scenes of activists using bolt cutters to cut through and pull down fences.

"Far from adding to the debate about how to tackle climate change, this film is no more than a dangerous call to arms that shows a blatant disregard for safety," said Ray.

"We're more than happy to have an informed debate with people who are interested in combating climate change but I don't see how tearing down fences is going to help anyone."

E.ON has written to the organisers of the event and urged the protestors to keep out of the power station in order to ensure the safety of everyone on site including the protestors themselves.

The company has also produced a short film on Ratcliffe. The film can be viewed on E.ON's youtube channel at www.youtube.com/talkingenergy, where consumers are encouraged to take part in an online discussion about the UK's energy challenge. 


Notes to editors:

  • Ratcliffe power station produces enough power to supply the needs of over 1.5 million families and businesses across Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands region.
  • The power station employs around 160 members of staff plus 230 contractors, the majority of whom live locally to Ratcliffe.

For more information contact:

Emily Highmore on 024 7618 3680

Jonathan Smith 024 7618 3676


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